Preservation Trades & Consultants Directory

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation consistently receives requests for recommendations on contractors, architects, craftsmen, consultants, and all types of preservation trades people. While the Washington Trust does not make specific endorsements or recommendations, we have created a statewide Preservation Trades and Consultants Directory for preservation trades professionals to profile their expertise.

Interested in listing your business?

Listing your business or organization is an effective, low-cost way to connect with people actively looking for preservation goods and services. Because we are a non-profit organization with limited staff and resources, we are offering this service for a nominal annual fee of $120/year ($10/month), which goes directly to maintaining this online preservation resource.


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The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the listings or for the performance of those listed. Anyone using this directory assumes full responsibility for checking the consultant’s credentials. Additionally, listing also does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation.