Enchanted Valley Chalet

Status: Most Endangered Places

Year Listed: 2014

Location: Olympic National Park

Located in the heart of Olympic National Park, the 2-1/2 story, hand hewn, dovetail-notched log structure is listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its association with the recreational development of the wild and remote interior of the Olympic Mountains. The Olympic Recreation Company completed the chalet in
1931, operating it as a seasonal wilderness hostel. Purchased by the National Park Service in 1953, it continues to serve as a ranger station and is the last structure of its type within the park’s interior. Winter flooding events along the Quinault River caused erosion, leaving a portion of the chalet cantilevered over the riverbank. Officials from Olympic National Park recently conducted an environmental assessment survey to consider the impacts of moving the chalet a short distance away from the river and determined that there would be no significant adverse impact to the designated Wilderness Area in which the chalet is located. This step forward will allow time to formulate a more permanent long-term plan; a large contingency of local advocates hopes to see the chalet remain in the Enchanted Valley for future generations to experience.