What We Do

About the Washington Trust

Mission Statement

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the places that matter in Washington State and to promoting sustainable and economically viable communities through historic preservation. We are Washington’s only statewide nonprofit advocacy organization working to build a collective ethic that preserves historic places through education, collaboration, and stewardship.

Values Statement

We Are People-Centered.

As we approach our work we will listen to the needs of local communities and adapt our work to the moment.

We commit to being:


  • Amplify the many voices of preservation and heritage in Washington.
  • Assess preservation’s historic complicity/biases and make change.


  • Be bold, creative, and solutions-oriented.
  • Lead the charge in preservation advocacy.


  • Offer tools that enable local community builders to effect change.
  • Connect preservation resources to economic recovery.


  • Be the organization you turn to to help save places that matter.
  • Bring inspiration, hope, and (dare we say) fun to preservation.

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